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Required skills and experience

Those wishing to join the ISACS Expert Reference Group should broadly fit the following profile:

  1. Work for an organization (international, regional or sub-regional, government agency, civil society or private sector) with demonstrable experience and expertise on SALW or a related area;
  2. Have worked for at least 7 years on SALW or related issues in one or (preferably) more of the following areas:
    • Design and management of SALW control programmes;
    • Operational support of SALW control programmes;
    • National legislation and regulations relating to SALW control;
    • Small arms industry;
    • Crosscutting areas, especially gender, children, youth, human rights, victim assistance, crime, development and civil society;
  3. Have experience with developing, maintaining or implementing regional, sub-regional or international standards/guidelines – or be familiar with the purpose, structure, language and style of international standards; and
  4. Be capable of providing high quality, substantive feedback in English on draft ISACS modules.