UNREC integrates ISACS into Technical Assistance, Capacity Building


Excerpt from the “What We Do” webpage of the UN Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Africa

Technical Assistance

UNREC provides technical assistance to African States and regional economic communities (RECs) in increasing control over, reducing the risk of diversion and combatting illicit trafficking of SALW and their ammunition, as well as fostering non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). …

UNOPS Advisor job requres experience with ISACS


Competencies include:

  • "Experience in construction in conformity with international standards ISO 9001,14001, OHSAS18001, International Small Arms Control Standards”

JOB DESCRIPTION — Regional Infrastructure Advisor

UNDP uses ISACS to help countries curb proliferation of SALW, reduce armed violence


"In many cases, UNDP’s efforts to curb the proliferation and availability of small arms and light weapons utilize tools such as the International Small Arms Control Standards (UNDP is part of the UN Coordinating Action on Small Arms). Through the Global Focal Point arrangement, UNDP works closely with UNPOL, UNODC and other UN system actors on armed violence reduction.”

Training toolkits for PoA, ATT draw on ISACS guidance


The Pacific Small Arms Action Group (PSAAG) has launched modular Training Toolkits for both the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and the UN Programme of Action (PoA) against the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.   

Supported by the UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation

ATT implementation handbook draws extensively on ISACS


The Geneva-based Small Arms Survey has published a practical guide to national implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that draws extensively on guidance provided by a number of ISACS modules, including ISACS 03.20 (national controls over the international transfer of SALW) and

UNDP implements ISACS in Bosnia & Herzegovina


"When we accept that every life is value worth protecting, it becomes difficult to accept the enabling of general violence, crime and terror that results from a failure of reasonably expected prevention. We also further refuse to accept this violence to create an environment of fear and insecurity. …

RECSA trains security officials from Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya on ISACS-based stockpile management


"Officers from different security organs in [Rwanda] are undergoing training on physical security and stockpiles management (PSSM), in a five-day training organised by Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA).

"The training brought together 15 officers from Rwanda Defence Forces, 12 from Rwanda National Police and three from Rwanda Correctional Service.

UNLIREC helps Peru safely store small arms used by private security companies

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“This renovated depot keeps arms and ammunition for civilian use in temporary custody, particularly those belonging to private security companies. A total of 16 clauses of the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) and 12 clauses of the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATGs) were incorporated into the redesign and remodelling of the depot, thus allowing for improvements in the physical security, access control, and storage, registration and record-keeping management of the arms and ammunition. …

ISACS serves the UN System and helps clear a path to achievement of SDG16

2015 Interactive UNDP Rule of Law Annual Report.pdf.thumb.319.319

Excerpt from UNDP’s report on “Strengthening the Rule of Law in Crisis-Affected and Fragile Situations 



In 2015, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon observed that “countries suffering from sustained levels of armed conflict or violence are also those furthest from reaching their Millennium Development Goal targets. …

At BMS6, States unanimously reaffirm link between illicit small arms trade and underdevelopment


NEW YORK, USA — The 6th Biennial Meeting of States (BMS6) to consider implementation of the UN Programme of Action against the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons came to close on June 10 with consensus agreement by all UN Member States that preventing the illicit small arms trade is vital to achieving sustainable human development.

Austria promotes knowledge transfer through ISACS in Bosnia, Moldova, Kenya & Senegal


"the Austrian Armed Forces continue their active engagement in several long-term assistance projects on the Western Balkans (BIH), in Eastern Europe (MOLDOWA) and in Africa (KENYA and SENEGAL). Together with partners from the Multinational Small Arms and Ammunition Group MSAG the main focus is on supporting capacity building and promoting knowledge transfer with regard to the standardized ISACS- and IATG-based management of national stockpiles, as well as advising and supporting the reduction of surpluses of SALW and corresponding ammunition. …

ISACS can assist States to achieve the SDGs - UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs 

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“It is every state’s full responsibility to safeguard properly the weapons needed for its national defence and law enforcement. A large number of States have adopted good practices and are applying recognized standards on this issue. Unfortunately, as you know, many states – due to capacity and capability constraints – have not.

EU calls for promotion and implementation of ISACS


In a Working Paper submitted to the Sixth Biennial Meeting of States to Consider the Implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons (BMS6), the EU stated that:

“With regard to the consideration of the implementation of the UN Programme of Action the EU would like to see the following elements in the outcome-document of BMS6: […] 

UN Secretary-General encourages use of ISACS to assess national SALW controls, assist peacekeeping and peacebuilding efforts

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Excerpts from: The illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects: Report of the Secretary-General

“26. Solid advances were made in consistency and comprehensiveness of United Nations support for full life-cycle management of small arms and light weapons. In order to provide dependable, high-quality assistance across offices and agencies, the United Nations system has developed modular packages of good practices on small arms, light weapons and ammunition control (ISACS – International Small Arms Control Standards, and IATG – International Ammunition Technical Guidelines), which are publicly available.9 Security Council resolution S/RES/2220 (2015) recognized the value of these standards and guidelines, as did the outcome of BMS5 (A/CONF.192/BMS/2014/2 I.12. and I.17(e)). …

HALO Trust building, rehabilitating arms storage facilities across the world in line with ISACS


The HALO Trust has engaged in Weapons and Ammunition Management (WAM) projects across the world (Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Côte d'Ivoire, Georgia, Mozambique, Somaliland, and DRC). In addition to the destruction of weapons and ammunition, a number of these projects involve the rehabilitation and construction of armouries and ammunition stores across the world. …

PSAAG trains Fiji security officials on ISACS


With UNSCAR funds, the Ministry of Defence [of Fiji] and PSAAG [Pacific Islands Small Arms Action Group] held a three-day national workshop in Fiji.

"Over 30 representatives from Fiji’s Military Forces, Police, Customs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Correctional Services attended the workshop. …

CARICOM points to benefits of ISACS


“CARICOM welcomes the development of agreed standards and best practices, based on such instruments as the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) and the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG). States could benefit from the voluntary application of these guidelines.” 

UN launches new guidance on SALW National Action Plans


NEW YORK, 22 APRIL 2016 — The United Nations internal mechanism for coordinating action on small arms (CASA) today launched new guidance to assist States in designing and implementing a National Action Plan to prevent the illicit trade, destabilizing accumulation and misuse of small arms and light weapons, which are used to kill more people every year than any other kind of weapon.

ISACS 03.30 provides comprehenisve guidande on acquisition, possession and use of firearms by civilians - UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


“The Coordinating Action on Small Arms mechanism established by the Secretary- General has developed guidance on appropriate control measures, building on the standards described above, best practice guidelines and model regulations that have been developed at the regional and subregional levels. …

United Nations Great Lakes Strategy uses ISACS to ensure harmonized regional approach to small arms control


Letter from the Secretary-General to the President of the Security Council transmitting the
United Nations Great Lakes Regional Strategic Framework 2016-2017

Priority Regional Interventions

Lack of compliance with ISACS in DRC contributes to proliferation of weapons to illegal armed groups - UNMAS

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"Inadequate weapons and ammunition security remains a pressing concern both at national level and within the broader international community. Few national security institution storage facilities [in the DRC] comply with the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG) and the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). …

UNDP / SEESAC trains Moldova Police on stockpile management in accordance with ISACS


“This national PSSM [physical security and stockpile management] course is part of the Component 1 of SEESAC’s EUSAC project that aims to provide support in improving security of armament storages through capacity development of the relevant personnel and in accordance with the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). …

Combatting illicit arms trafficking “essential” to achieving Global Goals - Ban Ki-moon


In his report to the General Assembly on Supporting the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development—also known as the Sustainable Development Goals—UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has reiterated that, “national capacities for conflict prevention are a critical factor in building peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development” and that, “Building national capacities for combatting illicit arms trafficking is also essential.”  

ISACS supports German PSSM training for 11 OSCE States

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The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) Verification Centre invited the ISACS Inter-Agency Support Unit to support a “Physical Security & Stockpile Management (PSSM) Course for National Coordinators on Small Arms and Light Weapons and Conventional Ammunition (SALW / CA)” held in Geilenkirchen, Germany, on 7-17 March.

UNREC uses ISACS to help build national PSSM standards in the Sahel (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Chad)

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"The project aims at contributing to security and stability in the Sahel region by preventing the diversion of and illicit trafficking in government-held SALW and ammunition through providing assistance to the six countries mentioned above, in improving physical security and stockpile management.