UNDP Report on Rule of Law highlights impact of ISACS


"Because the availability of weapons is closely linked with levels of violence and crime, UNDP continues its support to the development and implementation of the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). Launched in late 2012, the ISACS provides the UN system with a common set of policy, programming and practice guidelines that help ensure that the UN as a whole consistently delivers the highest quality advice and support to Member States regarding maintaining effective controls over the proliferation and control of small arms and light weapons (SALW).

Tighten the Nuts and Bolts

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[On April 30, we posted a news item on a new report from Instituto Sou da Paz that has a lot to say about ISACS.  Below is a guest post by the reports author, Daniel Mack, who presents the relevant part of the report.  The ISACS project looks forward to further interaction with global civil society on on their use of the International Small Arms Control Standards]

UNRCPD supports Myanmar to enhance controls on SALW


"The workshop was attended by government officials from various security sector agencies who discussed the policy and technical issues of implementing the UN PoA. Discussions focused on analysis of firearms in Myanmar, relevant international and regional instruments, and the sharing of best practices in areas such as safe management of stockpiles of weapons and ammunition and recordkeeping. …

OSCE, UN, INTERPOL help Central Asian States trace illicit small arms using ISACS, iArms, iTrace


ISTANBUL, TURKEY — The OSCE, the United Nations and INTERPOL teamed up in Istanbul this week for a sub-regional workshop to help build the capacity of Central Asian States to trace illicit small arms and light weapons.  

The workshop followed up on the "Inaugural Conference on Tracing Illicit SALW in the OSCE Area

Multinational Small Arms and Ammunition Group tests ISACS Assessment Tool


GEILENKIRCHEN, GERMANY — The Multinational Small Arms and Ammunition Group (MSAG) is an apolitical, informal, multinational platform of Armed Forces Verification Centres from OSCE countries that exchange best practices and coordinate international assistance in the area of conventional arms and ammunition management.  

Inaugural NATO School Orientation Course on SALW draws on ISACS and its Assessment Tool


OBERAMMERGAU, GERMANY — This week, the NATO School is running its first policy level orientation course on Small Arms and Light Weapons & Mine Action for States participating in the Euro Atlantic Partnership Council.  

Participants inlcude military and diplomatic personnel from Austria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland.