Switzerland points to ISACS role in tracing illicit weapons

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“ délégation aimerait attirer l’attention sur le module relatif au traçage des armes légères et de petit calibre en voie d’élaboration dans le contexte du ISACS [Project on International Small Arms Control Standards]. Ce projet mené par CASA vise à normaliser les opérations de traçage.  …

CASA updates Member States on development of ISACS

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“CASA’s flagship initiative at present is the development of International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS), which, when finalised, will enhance policymaking and programming on small arms across the UN system and provide comprehensive guidance to practitioners and policymakers. …

Defense Small Arms Advisory Council (USA) reports on its participation in ISACS initiative

“DSAAC is also part of the UN International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) Reference Group. [...]  Mr Chairman, we believe that industry participation is vital to the credibility and effectiveness of ongoing efforts such as the PoA, ISACS, and a future Arms Trade Treaty and we sense that this view has been increasingly recognized by the States.”

Government of Australia supports ISACS


“In 2009, Australia provided funding to the UN Coordinating Action on Small Arms (CASA) to support the development of internationally accepted and validated International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). These standards aim to provide comprehensive guidance to practitioners and policymakers on small arms control, and will support the continuing implementation of the PoA. …

ISACS can improve SALW aid effectiveness - UNIDIR 


"[CASA] members are in the process of jointly developing International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). The ISACS are intended to help UN agencies and departments undertake SALW control activities but their applicability extends to any authority or organization undertaking such work." [p. …

ISACS discussed in Small Arms Survey report


“Two initiatives under development may help enhance the utility of national reporting to an assessment of PoA implementation, including the question of PoA impact and effectiveness.  First, the UN’s CASA is developing International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) that will not only complement the PoA and guide states in their implementation of PoA commitments, but will also facilitate an objective assessment of whether states have implemented their PoA commitments in full.”