UNODC draws on ISACS to develop firearms training curriculum for criminal justice practitioners 


VIENNA, AUSTRIA — The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), as part of its Global Firearms Programme, is developing a training curriculum on firearms for criminal justice practitioners.  On 16-19 July 2013, UNODC hosted an expert meeting in Vienna to review outlines of the training modules, which, in addition to the Firearms Protocol to the UN Convention Against Transnaitonal Organized Crime, use ISACS as a key reference point.  

SG's report to General Assembly provides update on ISACS


[Excerpt from the report]

International Small Arms Control Standards

20. On 29 August 2012, on the margins of the second Small Arms Review Conference, the United Nations launched the International Small Arms Control Standards following an intensive development process involving partners worldwide. …

UNIDIR tests ISACS software tool in Kosovo


"Software on International Standards for Control of Small Arms (ISACS), after its incorporation in Strategic Framework of Kosovo Program on firearms, will enable relevant stakeholders in Kosovo in measuring, prioritization and assessment of implementation of commitments for control of arms, through support in designing of their program, data collection and assessment."

SG's report outlines UNLIREC's use of ISACS


[UNLIREC is the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The following are excerpts from the report:]

"8.  In order to support adherence by States to internationally accepted technical norms for weapons destruction and stockpile management, the Centre developed 40 standard operating procedures, which are based on the International Small Arms Control Standards and international ammunition technical guidelines, which can be adapted to each State’s particular administrative and operational systems. …

UNDP rule of law report features development & application of ISACS


"Since their launch in August 2012, UNDP and UN sister agencies have been using the standards to strengthen the support we provide to Member States in the areas such as stockpile management, conducting small arms surveys, marking and record-keeping, tracing illicit small arms and light weapons, destruction of illicit and surplus arms, and border controls and law enforcement cooperation."