UNDP awareness-raising campaign in Bosnia & Herzegovina guided by ISACS


"The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina invites non-governmental organisations (NGO) from the entire BiH, to participate in raising of awareness and creating space for open dialogue on dangers of small arms and light weapons.

"These activities will focus on building representatives of the campaign who will be educated and inspired to keep on building and sharing gained knowledge.

ISACS features prominently in Secretary-General’s report to General Assembly



"International Small Arms Control Standards

"38. Under the leadership of Office for Disarmament Affairs and UNDP, 23 entities within the Organization’s internal Coordinating Action on Small Arms mechanism are working with leading experts worldwide to develop and implement International Small Arms Control Standards to provide practical guidance on translating global norms and commitments regarding the regulation of small arms into concrete action at the national level. …

Human Rights Council adopts resolution on civilian firearms


GENEVA, 22 July 2015 — The Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution on, “Human rights and the regulation of civilian acquisition, possession and use of firearms.”  In it, the Council: “Reiterates its deep concern at the fact that hundreds of thousands of human beings of all ages around the world, including women and children, have lost their lives or suffered injuries and psychological harm by the misuse of firearms by civilians, thus having their human rights, in particular their right to life and security of person, negatively affected.”