UNLIREC assists Belize to destroy 1,300+ weapons


"From 15–19 October 2012, the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC) assisted the Government of Belize in the destruction of 427 surplus, obsolete and confiscated weapons from both the Defense and Police Forces for a total of 1,329 weapons destroyed from May to September 2012. …

ISACS feature in Secretary-General's report on illicit trafficking


"39.  A number of United Nations agencies are involved in capacity-development activities to reduce the availability of illegal firearms and to address the drivers and consequences of weapons trafficking. In 2012, the United Nations developed international small arms control standards, which provide practical guidance for small arms control. …

Turkey welcomes comprehensiveness of ISACS


"We believe that while developing necessary tools and implementing certain practices to prevent and eradicate illicit trade in SALW, our approach should be comprehensive. That is to say, the measures should include the whole series of steps that start with manufacture and ends with seizure and destruction."

EU encourages OSCE to use ISACS


"The EU encourages the OSCE to use the ISACS in implementing the OSCE Plan of Action on SALW and revise its Best Practice Guides, as well as to contribute to their further evolution by drawing upon its extensive regional experience on both a practical and policy level. The alignment of the OSCE electronic template for end users certificates with ISACS is an example of how the OSCE can use ISACS as it further develops its regional framework."

OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation briefed on ISACS


"Having international standards as a global reference point is […] a useful way to encourage regional standards and guidelines to converge when they are being updated and revised. This allows regional best practices to remain closely attuned with the specific needs and capacities of States in the region while, at the same time, increasing the cross-regional compatibility and coherence of strategies to address the illicit trade, uncontrolled proliferation and misuse of SALW."