ISACS and 'Smart Weapon Technology'


The Bonn International Centre for Conversion has published BICC brief 49 on “Smart Technology in SALW Control–Civilian Protection, the UN-PoA, and Transfer Control (SmartCon).”  

The brief contains most of the papers presented at SmartCon 2013 in Berlin in June, which was sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office. 

UNLIREC, UNDP draw on ISACS to advise Guatemala, Bosnia & Herzegovina on weapons amnesty legislation

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"19 November 2013, the Government of Guatemala and UNLIREC organized a one-day legal seminar on small arms control in Guatemala City. […] The seminar was organized to present and disseminate UNLIREC’s legal analysis and recommendations on two bills of law proposed by the Government [one of which is] to address... the creation of a legal and policy framework for an eventual voluntary firearms amnesty campaign in the country. […] the bill for a weapons amnesty drew heavily on

UNIDIR introduces ISACS & Assessment Tool to States in Southeast Europe


UNDP Montenegro and the OSCE Mission to Montenegro jointly organized a Workshop on a “Strategic Approach to Control and Reduction of SALW” in Budva, Montenegro on 11–13 December 2013 in order to promote cooperation and exchange of best practices among countries of the Western Balkans.

UN Task Force on Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking guided by ISACS


The UN System Task Force on Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking as Threats to Security and Stability is an inter-agency mechanism that supports the work of the Secretary-General and the UN System in responding to these threats.  The Task Force has developed a set of "Key Messages" for use by the Secretary-General and other senior UN officials speaking out on the issue.  …