Counter-terrorism technical guide points to ISACS legislative modules

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The UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) has updated its 2009 Technical Guide to reflect the requirements of relevant successor resolutions of the Council. The Technical Guide is intended as a reference tool to help ensure consistent analysis of States’ efforts to implement the provisions of Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001) on threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts, and other relevant resolutions.  

The Guide makes reference to the legislative and regulatory series of ISACS modules (Series 3) in the context of preventing the supply of weapons to terrorists.  The Guide states that, "The instruments, standards and other practices proposed in the present Guide should be used in the assessment of Member States’ implementation efforts.”

READ THE TECHNICAL GUIDE —  Technical guide to the implementation of Security Council resolution 1373 (2001) and other relevant resolutions