UNDP Madagascar analyses national legislation on firearms using ISACS

IMG 4356

Craft firearms collected by police in the south of Madagascar
Photo: ISACS 

UNDP Madagascar requested assistance from the ISACS Inter-Agency Support Unit to conduct an analysis of malagasy laws, regulations, procedures and practices as they relate to (1) arms management by the defence and security forces and (2) the access of civilians to firearms in Madagascar.  

A mission was undertaken within the framework of the ARSSAM project (Appui à la réforme du secteur de la sécurité à Madagascar), which is supported by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund and implemented jointly by UNDP, IOM, UNICEF, OHCHR and UNFPA.  

The analysis was conducted over three weeks in the capital Antananarivo and at various locations across the south of the country, where armed violence—often in the form of large-scale cattle raiding—is most prevalent.  

Preliminary results of the analysis were presented to representatives of government ministries, UN entities and civil society at a validation workshop in Antananarivo on June 8.  A full report, together with recommendations for strengthening the legislative framework, procedures and practices, has been submitted to the Government of Madagascar.